I was twelve when I first ripped up mounds of magazines stealing all the models eyes. My dad never forgot it and reminds me often so I’m trying it again eleven years later (oh my god! Eleven years ( ≧Д≦) !)

Ok, start out cutting every eye out, whatever ones you think will work, try to collect as much as possible because when you start, you’ll never have enough.


When you have a lovely lot, start tearing carefully around the shape of the eye, tear upwards leaving a white rim.



So it should turn out something like this:



So when you have them all ripped up, mix ordinary pva glue or kids craft glue with water to make a medium thickness. I would recomend using a thick paper or even card because it does tend to warp when you start gluing. All that is left to do is start gluing, use a flat paintbrush and “paint” the glue in sections on the paper,


I find it easier to start using a large eye as a starting point,


I place large eyes at different parts of the page, this makes it so much easier to connect all the pictures.


Just keep slightly overlapping the eyes so there is no blank spots. Soon it will all become something like this:


This technique will work for anything, cut any pictures out and see what you come up with, I’ve even done this on a date book I bought for 2 euro and personalised it for a christmas gift, it’s fun, give it a go (^v^)


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