Art session with Ruth du Plessis and Cris Gherman

Well, this is my second time to write this post because I suck at computers, I swear I wasn’t meant for this century. Anyways…

Last night me and Cris had an awesome art session:


My inspiration came from Cris’ camera collection; I chose a really cool old camera from it and started painting:


As I got drunk and such I made the intelligent decision to leave the camera part of the painting alone and started on the other half (thank God). When I was sober (pretty sober) again, I finished the camera and this is what I ended up with…


Cris decided to do a painting of a tattoo he had done a while back; here’s a pic of the tattoo:


So he started with two techniques, the upside down technique (my next article will be about this technique and I’ll give it a go myself), and he used the same approach as he would a tattoo. He kept it upside down for hours and it looked amazing until he decided it needed more depth (can’t beat a perfectionist). He eventually turned it around (lazy) and is working on it this morning (1pm) here is his progress so far, I’ll post the finished piece on a later post.


Now he’ll add the lighter parts. I love you Cris 🙂



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